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Piano Belly


Piano Belly is Michael Jurin. Plug a microphone through his ear and into his brain and Piano Belly music is what you would hear.  

Michael Jurin has been writing, collaborating and performing music since the early 90’s. He’s best known as the lead guitarist for the New York indie rock band Stellastarr*.  He was also the guitarist for the short-lived Philadelphia sinister blues band The Midnight Sounds, and guitarist & Keyboardist for NYC Electronic indie pop band Camera2.

In November 2010 Michael assembled a team of very talented friends to start performing Piano Belly live. The songs birth from rusty Delta blues strings, his love of reverb-washed pop music, multiple percussionists and screaming feedback.

Lauren Nabors and Michael have been singing drunken cover songs together on a Brooklyn couch (sometimes very loudly and at inappropriate hours of the morning) for a few years. Michael asked her to join him with Piano Belly, and she's helped shape and better the result of a number of songs.  

She also plays a mean set of shakers. 

Further collaborations include Michaels' various guest-musician performances, remixes for bands, and short film scoring.  Piano Belly has placed songs in the feature film Before I Disappear (2014), the Lionsgate feature film Enter Nowhere (2011), the AFI short film Reaver (2013).


Michael Jurin / Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Drum Machines, Programming, Air Conditioner Duct, Water-Cooler Jug

With help from:

Lauren Nabors / Vocals, Lyrics on "Let Me In", Shakers

Brenden Hubbard / Drums

Darren Morze / Drums, Percussion

Josh Brown / Bass on "Let Me In"

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piano belly live